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Easter DIY

Happy Easter!! *DIY* Hello! :) I wanted to post a DIY post this time. Just to give you an idea to give chocolate this Easter! 100% customizable and easy to make ;) Material: – PDF (designed by Melmelada de maduixa) – Printer – White Cardboard – Plastic bag – Chocolate – Rope – Scissors – Colours, pens, paintings,… Follow the instructions: 1.- Print the pdf in colour. 2.- Cut the outlines marked with dashes. 3.- Bend the lines made of … Read More

New stand!

Yes! Finally! Yesterday at the Sínia Market in Sitges I used for the first time the new stand of Melmelada de maduixa :) I had it for a long time but in the previous markets I’ve been I did not need it! The truth is that it was a bit improvised. On Friday evening around 9:30 pm someone called me to participate in the market. So I said yes! And I just start to prepare everything. I’m just in love … Read More