Easter DIY

Happy Easter!! *DIY* Hello! :) I wanted to post a DIY post this time. Just to give you an idea to give chocolate this Easter! 100% customizable and easy to make ;) Material: – PDF (designed by Melmelada de maduixa) – Printer – White Cardboard – Plastic bag – Chocolate – Rope – Scissors – Colours, pens, paintings,… Follow the instructions: 1.- Print the pdf in colour. 2.- Cut the outlines marked with dashes. 3.- Bend the lines made of … Read More

New stand!

Yes! Finally! Yesterday at the Sínia Market in Sitges I used for the first time the new stand of Melmelada de maduixa :) I had it for a long time but in the previous markets I’ve been I did not need it! The truth is that it was a bit improvised. On Friday evening around 9:30 pm someone called me to participate in the market. So I said yes! And I just start to prepare everything. I’m just in love … Read More

100 cases for glasses!

Order finished! Melmelada de maduixa just a month ago received its first big order! 100 glasses cases that had the destination in Switzerland! Very glad with the result! Now they are available with more fabric patterns! Protect your glasses with “melmelada de maduixa” cases. Crafted with a beige fabric, reinforced with guata and with the same cloth of the glasses inside. Don’t you like the fabric? Have a look in “customized” section on the website and there find the one that you … Read More