Easter DIY

Happy Easter!!


Hello! :) I wanted to post a DIY post this time. Just to give you an idea to give chocolate this Easter! 100% customizable and easy to make ;)

– PDF (designed by Melmelada de maduixa)
– Printer
– White Cardboard
– Plastic bag
– Chocolate
– Rope
– Scissors
– Colours, pens, paintings,…

Follow the instructions:

1.- Print the pdf in colour.
2.- Cut the outlines marked with dashes.
3.- Bend the lines made of points.
4.- Cut and do the hole in the tag that you like the most.
5.- Customize your rabbit as you want. I have used black pen and colours. Let fly your imagination and create your own packaging!
6.- Take the plastic bag and fill it with chocolate.
7.- Finally tied with the rope everyting, the tag (I put it in the back), the box and the plastic bag with the chocolate. Et voilà!

Download the pdf here. Don’t forget to take photos of your creations and send them to me!

Easter DIY pdf

Thank you! :)


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